Finn Tough Story

Our company name, “Finn Tough” is in tribute to a young man who stood up and fought a battle with childhood cancer.  Today Finn is in high school and we are happy to report that he is cancer-free.  Finn is a boy that loves golf and hockey.  His passion for both sports has always been evident in the way he has carried himself both on the course and on the ice.  Finn’s everlasting smile lights up the ice rinks and he always has a smile on his face!
Finn is more than just an inspiration to us; he is a member of Finn Tough LLC.  Finn’s father and uncle have become a major supplier to our CBD product line.  The sales of our CBD products help support Finn and his family with the costs of their medical bills.
Because we know that financial support must continue to beat cancer, we are committed to giving a percentage of sales to fight childhood cancer as well as support several other non-profit organizations that work with children.  We appreciate your support in our ongoing “FINN TOUGH” campaign for Finn and many other children that fight serious medical conditions.

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